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Billy Thorpe - Choir of Angels - War of the Worlds (1989) TV series
Original name: From the episode of War of the Worlds (1989) called 'Choir of Angels' - S1, E11. Enjoy! Also, The main opening theme from Season 2 of The War of the Worlds: ...

Angel Theme - The Sanctuary (Darling Violetta)(Full Song)
Original name: The series angel continues in a graphic novel named "after the fall" which picks up where the last season ended. Buy "After The Fall" ...

Angel Sessions featured on the I AM TV SERIES!
Original name: Angel talks about her passion for music. A big Shout-out to Results and No Hype!

Angel the Series Medley (piano cover)
Original name: I wanted to do another musical tribute to not only my favorite Whedon show, but one of my favorite shows of all time. The show had its ups and down, but always ...

Angel Opening Theme Song
Original name: Angel Opening Theme Enjoy it =)

Angel score: Hero
Original name: Hero from season 1 episode of Angel: Hero Hero - Featuring Vocals By Elin Carlson Robert J. Kral Live Fast, Die Never (Music from the TV Series)

Chris Norman - Wild Wild Angel - TV-Show - 11.02.1994
Original name: Chris Norman sing his Song "Wild Wild Angels" live in the german TV-Show "Länderjournal" in 1994. This is a Live-Show which was shown on 11.02.1994 in TV.

Angel Soundtrack 01: Main Theme
Original name: Best Soundtrack ever.

Angels - Alan Parker
Original name: Theme from the BBCTV drama series set in a fictional hospital from the '70's. Composed and performed by Alan Parker.

Guitar Lesson: ANGEL THEME (The Sanctuary) - from the TV show Angel
Original name: Hey everybody! Here's how I like to play the theme from the opening credits of the TV show Angel. This song is also know as The Sanctuary by the band Darling ...

Donna Lynton theme from Charlie's Angels (soundtrack)
Original name: Three women, the Angels (originally Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and Jaclyn Smith), graduated from the Los Angeles police academy only to be ...

Shy - Aka T.H.C 2 Songs featured in Buffy & Angel series Part 2 of 2 in The T.H.C videos
Original name: This is A selfmade video to 2 of my favourite tracks played in Buffy The Vampire slayer Track 1. Need to destroy Played in The Episode of season 4 called Wild At ...

Tenacious D - HBO Episode 2: "Angel in Disguise" [HQ]
Original name: From "Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks" DVD.

EMMA PEEL - Swinging Sixties Leather Angel
Original name: A snappy tribute to the cult Sixties TV series "The Avengers". Focus is on the first season with Diana Rigg as gorgeous Emma Peel. (All rights reserved by the ...

Angel - Main Theme (Extended Mix) / Official OST
Original name: An extended mix from the official OST of Angel (television series) produced by Darling Violetta.

Run The Jewels & TV On The Radio - Angel Duster (Live)
Original name: No copyright infringement intended. No financial gain received. Uploaded under the Fair Use Act.

I Wish I Had an Angel
Original name: Cover performed on a TV show by Tommi Salmela and Ari Koivunen. Not a full song. The lead-in is sung by someone called Tanja. Dunno who she is.

Angel soundtrack: Darla's Sacrifice
Original name: Darla's Sacrifice (from 'Lullaby') Robert J. Kral Live Fast, Die Never (Music from the TV Series)

Angel score: The End of the World
Original name: The End of the World Robert J. Kral Live Fast, Die Never (Music from the TV Series)

TECHNO Sabrina Angel boy TV Show Spain 1995
Original name:

Secret Angel - Sub Español - Capitulo 1
Original name: Palabras clave: Drama Yura Girl's Day 'Secret Angel' Chinese Drama EP1 EL ANGEL SECRETO EN ESPAÑOL Minidorama Secret Angel.

Massive Attack - Angel (Le Femme Nikita)
Original name: This clip is from the episode "Off Profile", the 18th episode of the 2nd season of "Le Femme Nikita". It is one of the many examples of Massive Attack's Angel ...

Theme from Angels - BBC TV Series, from "Top BBC TV Themes" L.P.
Original name: Especially for Jon - GarrardAT6, but also for anyone who likes funky TV theme tunes from the 1970s! This is the theme tune to the 1970 / early 80s BBC TV series ...

Sunday Show TV
Original name: Sirach Charles, better known as Angel, is what the music industry would indelibly mark as a triple threat. Singer/songwriter ...

Angel interview
Original name: Music video by The Heights performing How Do You Talk To An Angel.

Original name: Fame Downloads @

The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel
Original name: testify to love performed by Wynonna Judd this clip is from the Tv series Touched By An Angel (psalm 151). No copyright infringement intended Touched By An ...

Kids From Fame TV Series Earth Angel - Billy Hufsey
Original name: Start of the Apocalypse Robert J. Kral Live Fast, Die Never (Music from the TV Series)

testify to love
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Angel score: Start of the Apocalypse
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