Human microchipping

Human microchipping agenda
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ObamaCare ~ Mandatory Microchip Implant for all Americans!!!
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Micro Chipping Presented by YouGo Multimedia YouTube 01
Original name:

**MUST SEE** Human Mutilations Reptilians PROOF 2017
Original name: Truth behind Human Mutilations: with guest Alex Collier, Bill Cooper, Richard Hall, James Bartley, Barry Hall, Kerry Cassidy, William Tompkins. Explore the dark ...

Original name: Latest video here RFID EXPOSED- Some extra links I found for you- Meeting between Verichip and RECEPTORS ...

RFID Chips
Original name:

RFID Chipped Humans
Original name: Office puts (RFID) chips Under staff s skin.

Beast Chip by Landline!
Original name: Landline - Beast Chip music video. Speaking out against RFID chip implants Video by Seth Angerer.

Illuminati Mark Of Beast Brainwashing In Schools Exposed!! 2017
Original name:

Benjamin Baruch - Economic Collapse, An Apostate Church & The Day Of The Lord
Original name: Episode 071 has Benjamin Baruch join Tony to discuss the prophetic implications of the time we are living in. Author of a book titled “The day Of The Lord Is At ...

Dolbro Dan - Microchipping Me
Original name: Back to the Festival and fresh from an appearance at Glasgowbury 2011 Dolbro Dan keeps it real with a mix of 1960s folk and acoustic classics, bolstered by his ...

microchip society
Original name: social music.

Microchip aka 8bitboi Dubstep mix
Original name: Just a quick dubstep mix soundcloud page

Dr D.K Olukoya - INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR BATTLE (New Message 2017 Release)
Original name: Dr D.K Olukoya - INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR BATTLE (New Message 2017 Release) Dr D.K Olukoya - INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR BATTLE (New Message ...

Monsieur Henri - Dream away - ( Watch in HQ ) they will not Chip me
Original name: Belgian electro - Cynical Rebel clip about... RFID human implant chips, Absurdism, Future big brother control state, escape, identity, rebellion, dreaming away, ...

Brain CHIP Implants Emotion Sensitive Technology 2010
Original name:

New World Order Order Documentary year 2017
Original name: Subscribe for more news ,documentary,music.

666 CHIP, MEDIA & Mind Control. Nina Hagen "Frequenzekontrolle"
Original name: En su agenda tienen escrito que hay que poner un chip a todo dios, sea pobre o rico. Quieren saber donde estas, con quien vas y en que te gasta la pasta.

UK Rapper eXposing Great Britain - NWO Plans, Marshall Law, Implant Chips
Original name:

Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd - rfid microchip implants program
Original name: RFID MICROCHIP IMPLANTS PROGRAM a.k.a "Welcome To The Machine" Would you like to replace ID cards ...

Diabolic - Truth: Part 2 [Remix+Video] Unofficial
Original name: Remix I Made! New York rapper Diabolic performs @ Cooper Union in New York City during a 9/11 truth conference. ...

Immortal Technique - Never Know Why [Verse] 2005
Original name: Off the CunninLynguists album 'A Piece Of Strange' 2005 10. Never Know Why featuring Immortal Technique Go to: And you can ...

Immortal Technique - Ante Up [Freestyle-Remix!]
Original name: Just a 5minute job on Virtual Dj software. Same accapellas as usual, theres loads of remixes on youtube nowadays so fuck it. Scriptures. Desolation. Hell.

Jaque mate a la humanidad CORTO DOCUMENTAL
Original name: Agenda iluminati Agenda del nuevo orden mundial La elite mundial financiera Colapso economico Implantan microchip Final del dinero fisico.

Original name: This is another ground breaking video about a in depth look in to heavy C.I.A. NSA MI666 Darpa Project Montauk Free Masonic Assassin mind control . To Date ...

Really Slow Motion - Population Control
Original name: You can purchase Really Slow Motion's public albums here: iTunes: Amazon: ...

The Microchip Awakens
Original name: This is a practice on remixing music. First time I have done anything like this so I would loooove feedback. Criticism is welcome. Thanks!

THRIVE Theme Song Video
Original name: Watch the full-length movie for FREE at: Stay informed, subscribe to our mailing list: ...

The Day They Put the Chip in Me
Original name: Eric "Malachi" McCoy Sings The Day They Put The Chip In Me.

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