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Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Versus x Dread Pitt Remix) (Assassin's Creed Tribute)
Original name: Purchase the remix at: A legendary track with beautiful haunting vocals, with a montage mixed and edited by Versus, using several ...

Lou Reed - Perfect Day
Original name:

Star Wars Imperial March (Dubstep/Brostep Remix)
Original name: Get this track and more remixes on the album:

Piratas del Caribe Techno Remix (Verdadero)
Original name: El verdadero remix de la banda sonora de la muy conocida saga de Piratas del Caribe (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Cẩm Ly - LK Áng Mây Buồn + Em Là Tất Cả + Chim Trắng Mồ Côi + Đêm Cô Đơn (Happy New Year 2014)
Original name: 2014 VanTV. All rights reserved. Remux by Huba. Please do NOT reupload this video. - Liên khúc: Áng Mây Buồn - ST: Minh Vy

Epica - Pirates of the Caribbean (Piratas del Caribe en el Fin del Mundo)
Original name: Người Đến Sau - ST: Hoài An ...

Original name: Película: Piratas del Caribe en el Fin del Mundo / Canción: Pirates of the Caribbean / Grupo: Epica / Edición: Juan Warrior.

♫ DJ ViperVexX - High Power (Hydraulic Remix) (DubStep) ♫
Original name: Starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago James Brown as Himself Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed. Angry Joe as Himself.

Batman & Robin - Hi Freeze, I'm Batman
Original name: Hope you like this new Dubstep beat with my own spin. Enjoy! :) (( This is the a link to the track i remixed: ) ...

300 Gangnam Style - PSY [Mux][HD]
Original name: A Song using music and sounds from "Batman & Robin" Worst movie ever made. Please don't take this seriously. Dedicated to Ben Hall.

Travel Alert - BD menu demonstration
Original name: Bản Video đã mux từ phim 300 chiến binh nhé.

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