Scout sniper training

Scout sniper training manual
Original name:

John Stoskopf demonstrates Surface Automatic Fit (for PDGS Rev. 13 - May 1989)
Original name: My first Ford Motor Company Training video that I did for the May 1989 release of PDGS. The reason why I had to demonstrate new functions for a computer on a ...

Mosin Nagant M44 - Molot - 1944
Original name: Once again, Classic Firearms has sent me a beautiful rifle. This is a Mosin Nagant Rifle that has been rearsenaled in Russia by Molot. It is very clean and the ...

AMU rigging sling
Original name: Property of Outdoor Channel.

Zoom Q3 Test-Atreyu "Becoming The Bull"
Original name: Gear used: PRS SE Soapbar II w/ EMG 85 in the bridge Krank Krankenstein(amp settings are the manual setting for "Dime Metal" except sweep control is set at 2 ...

Double Eclipse into a failed Skull crusher
Original name: okay so DEEFFINGTERMINED to learn this damn skull crusher ;) ima get it with a Daisy 1903 a-1 springfield....thats my baby!!!!

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